Press / Influencer
Outreach Retainers

BUDGET: £790 + p/m

DETAILS: Brands with a physical product wanting to gain magazine /  influencer coverage. For women's clothing, accessories or lifestyle products. 

Social Media

BUDGET: £225 + p/m

DETAILS: Open to anyone, our social media content and image curation will make your Instagram and other social channels the forefront of your brand. 

PR Support
& Assets

BUDGET: £39 - £695

DETAILS: Suitable for brands who are just starting out or have a limited PR budget, we help you to get the ball rolling with your PR. 


We recommend that brands take an 'all or nothing' approach to PR, as successful PR requires time and commitment in order to generate results.

If your budget doesn't stretch to the £790 per month packages we recommend looking at our sister brand, PR Dispatch, for a DIY approach under our guidance.