Influencer Retainer

£790* per month

Blogging is having a major moment and influencers (as their name suggests) are some of the most impactful people in the business. Blogger outreach is an effective method for getting your product seen by a large & loyal audience, but as it’s a saturated field it can be challenging to find the right match for your brand. We spend the hours needed to find the right websites for your brand & compile a comprehensive list of bloggers who perfectly suit your product. 

PR Retainer


  •  Curate a list of 20 influencers who are perfect for your brand
  •  Compose a pitch email that keeps inline with your brand tone of voice
  • Contact influencers on your behalf
  • Follow up with influencers to ensure product placement on social channels
  • We provide their Instagram handle URL & name
  • We liaise with your brand to organise influencer gifting

What we need from you

  • Your URL
  • A brief description of your brand’s demographic


HOW TO Enquire

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* Please note that all prices exclude VAT.