One Of Our Own: Beija Flor Lingerie


Beija Flor Lingerie was founded by sisters Mazie Gardner and Abbie Miranda following their frustration with the lack of diverse sizing when lingerie shopping. Beija Flor's collection features modern classics with a minimum-fuss aesthetic, and the brand’s unique three-tiered sizing system proves that trends don’t have to be dictated by your cup size. We sat down with Mazie and Abbie to talk about the ins and outs of running Beija Flor..

1. How long have you been going?

M: Since 1989 - jokes, Abbie my sister and I launched Beija at the start of 2016. We’ve been live for just over a year.
A: Our website went live in January 2016 and we had 9 months of development prior to that. Our original plan was to launch in Sept 2016, but we thought 'what are we waiting for?' and just went for it. Shaving 7 months off the CP was hectic to say the least but we are glad we did it! 

2. One thing you wish you’d been told?

M: I wish I’d been told that cutting your hair does not NOT help it to grow - everyone else told me otherwise!
A: How to use Excel efficiently 

3. What’s your biggest achievement whilst running your brand?

M: When our customers keep coming back.
A: Our Waves range and the success of our pop up last summer. Seeing our vibe in bricks and mortar really sealed our identity. Also, managing to make it to Friday is an achievement for me! Looking at my diary on a Sunday night, the week ahead seems impossible and then you get to Friday and think 'How did that even happen? I did it, I damn well did the impossible. Pass me the wine.' 

4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

M: Intellectual property. Get it sorted early on. 
A: Buying enough of the right sizes. We didn't realise quite how many little bums there are out there! Size 6-8 is our most popular size in the briefs which we just weren't expecting.

5. In the next year you want to…

M: Have Beija in some key retailers and department stores all over the world.
A: Have our garments appear in more editorial magazine shoots and triple our daily online sales.

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