PR & Wholesale Strategy Session

Calling all small brands!  Are you struggling with your PR & wholesale strategy, starting from scratch or simply looking for an outsider perspective?  LFA's Director Rosie, alongside Carousel & Co. founder Rachel Peterman, are at hand to help.  We're now offering a strategy consultation session lasting 2 hours which will combine Rosie and Rachel's years of extensive experience to help you to build a foundation from which to expand and maximise your brand's potential. 

Together, after years of PR and Wholesale successes (and a few educational mistakes!), they know all the tricks of the trade.  They can offer you crucial advice on branding and imagery, social media finesse, the ultimate methods for connecting with buyers and essential tips on how to target the right retailers for your brand. 

The session allows you 45 minutes each with both Rosie and Rachel, followed by 30 minutes together, offering you the perfect space to ask any lingering questions or discuss anything you wish so that you leave feeling equipped and excited: ready to hustle! 

This session will run from 9 - 11am on Thursday mornings, launching on the 9th February 2017. When enquiring, please outline your availability so that we can accommodate your needs.

I'm sold- where do I sign up?

The session costs £315, ex. VAT.

For more details on the new service please visit: