5 Minutes With... Storyfied

Lesley Bambridge is the founder and chief storyteller at Storyfied, a global marketing platform that allows you to publish and share your start up story with the world.

1.    I can’t start the day without…

 A huge cup of tea. I’m definitely not a morning person so early starts are only ok with tea!! J

 2.    Deadlines are fast approaching – which album gets you to the finish line?

 If my mind is racing, then Jesse Ware’s Tough Love is a fav as it calms me down a bit, giving me space to think about what I’m trying to achieve. Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits are good too if you need a bit of motivation to get things finished.

 3.    OK real talk - Rank the ‘Friends’ characters from your favourite to least favourite:

Ross…. just too whiney, he drives me crazy!!!

4.    What’s one tip you’d give a brand that wants to work with you?

Just be yourself – I find a lot of brands try to be what they think a brand or business owner should be rather than just being themselves.

In my experience, the best entrepreneurs are always the ones that are authentic & true to themselves. Everyone needs help and it’s ok not to know how to do everything – even if it is your business.

Once you realise how your network can support you, you are well on your way! 

5.    What’s your favourite independent brand and why?

So many to choose from!

I’m a huge Ugly Drinks fan – they have a great product, timely, relevant and exactly what their audience are looking for, they are a dedicated, passionate and hardworking team, and they are great advocates for their brand – they are always telling the Ugly Drinks story.

As an entrepreneur – you are your best brand ambassador and the guys at Ugly are not afraid to get out there and share their startup journey constantly.

6.    What’s the best thing about your job?

Getting to meet and work with people who are really passionate about what they do and want to achieve something, and create something for themselves.  

Often they have just jumped off the corporate ladder or a more traditional path, and are finding their own way driven by their passion for their idea – which have huge respect for and is something I want to support.

This is why I have just launched Storyfied www.storyfied.com - a new marketing platform for startups to tell, share & promote their brand story.

The variety of brands and industries I work with always keeps me on my toes, and finally, seeing marketing ideas or approaches I’ve recommended in action is always a winner as well!

7.    And the worst?

I tend to do most of my meetings in coffee shops around London, and so avoiding the cake temptation is probably the worst…..! 

8.    And lastly, what are you having for dinner tonight?

Hahaha – busted! I’m polishing off the Christmas Cheese & Biscuits!!

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