Instagram Vs. Facebook


When it comes to social media, choosing the right platforms on which to promote your brand can have a great impact on the success of your social standing. We’ve put together a few reasons as to why Instagram could be more beneficial for your brand than Facebook.


Instagram is all about the visuals; the images that you post are the first thing that users see when they scroll through their feed. Though the description section can also be utilised to your advantage, it is vital that the image portrays the intended message to your potential customers. An Instagram feed can say a lot about a brand & what they believe in; maintaining a consistent brand visual can be extremely effective when it comes to using Instagram. From product shots to aesthetic inspiration, potential customers & clients can learn a lot from scrolling through your profile.   


The clean grid layout of Instagram is one of the many things that makes the app so visually pleasing. Whether you choose to use the traditional square image format, or opt for a landscape/portrait layout - the key is to be consistent with your decision. Thanks to the unique Instagram layout, all of your images can be found in one place without having to scroll past status updates & adverts. Your visuals don’t have to fight with bars of promotions sitting alongside them or a stream of unexpected friend requests, they remain the key focus of the page.


Facebook is now being more widely adopted by the older generation, who may not be your brand's intended target consumer. The younger generation tend to be after a more instant, visual feed that is updated by users thousands of times a second, making Instagram the perfect platform for the Millennials. If this is who you’re trying to target, then it might be beneficial for your brand to focus your efforts on building a unique & effective Instagram profile that clearly translates your brand’s ethos.  


The system for interaction & engagement on Instagram is clear & concise, allowing users to like & comment on posts with a single tap. This ease of use encourages users to interact with their favourite bloggers, brands & businesses without the hassle that can sometimes arise with the Facebook interaction system. The use of hashtags (they really do make a difference!) & linked tags allow users to discover new & exciting accounts to fill their feed with, & you never know, one of them could be your brand!     


Linking to the ease of engagement, Instagram is the perfect place for influencers to promote your brand. With the simple tagging system, your brand will be clearly visible in the image & in the description below. When seeking new influencers, an individual's visual aesthetic & follower count can be clearly seen, allowing you to pick the perfect audience to promote your brand to.