How to style flat-lay photos for Instagram

The trick to getting the perfect flat-lay is bloggers' best kept secret. If you need a helping hand, here's a few insider tips on how you can snap the perfect shot in no time.

1. Props

Every good flat-lay starts with good materials. Having large sheets of paper and a box of small props to hand will make getting that perfect shot feel like a piece of cake.

2. Colour Scheme

Picking a colour scheme makes your photo very aesthetically pleasing indeed. Choose a selection of items in similar hues and watch as your flat-lay comes to life - voila!

3. Pick a focal object

Choose one or two main pieces and make that the focal point of your picture to avoid it looking too cluttered. Less is (usually) more!

4. Lighting

Good lighting is the key to taking good photographs - flat-lays will look best shot in natural daylight if possible.

5. And if you can't get it quite right.. Editing

Instagram, Afterlight, VSCO, Pixlr... There are a million and one apps to enhance your photo when it's not looking quite as sharp as you'd like it to. Up the brightness and the contrast of your picture to make the colours in your flat-lay really pop.

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