How to use the Christmas Gift Guides

Christmas Gift Guide

It's that time of year again... the Christmas season is upon us! Well, in PR terms that is. Right about now, short-lead publications will be preparing for all of their Christmas issues. Getting your product featured in one (or several) of the gift guides can increase sales and drive traffic to your website, and it's important not to miss out. Luckily we've done the hard work for you, and have created a handy Christmas Gift Guide PDF which includes the following:

  • A list of the 30 short-lead titles running the Christmas Gift Guides
  • The contact name and contact details
  • Gift guide themes
  • Deadlines

To make sure you're using our Christmas Gift Guide for optimum results, follow our top 5 tips listed below:

1. Do your research.

Make sure to only contact the publications suitable for your brand. Look at which categories they're featuring and pitch your products for the right themes. Editors are busy people so keep it short, but include the most relevant information about your brand and product. You only need to call the person who is compiling the gift guide if you do not already know the themes. Remember, lead times are as follows; 

  • Long lead usually starts working on Christmas issues in August/September
  • Short-lead will start working on Christmas Gift Guides in September/October
  • Online Publications will need submissions by November and some even in December

2. Make sure you structure your email correctly.

Journalists are inundated with Christmas Gift Guide suggestions so it's best if you make your email stand out with a catchy subject name and make the email as easy as possible to read. Remember, you must have high resolution cut-out images of your product.

We have included a template below as an example for you to use:

Dear [journalist's name],
Hope you're well.
I understand you're compiling this year's Christmas Gift Guide for [insert publication] and I'd love to suggest [your brand name and a brief summary of your brand] for [chosen category]. 
[Insert Images, product description, price and stockist]
I have attached a few images along with a look book and press release but if there is anything else I can send over then please let me know.
Best wishes,
[Name, contact details and website]
[Attach look book & press release]

3. Take note of the Gift Guide themes.

If there are no themes then it's perfectly okay to suggest your product as it may be just what they're looking for. However, if they have specifically requested for products fitting only certain themes and your product does not fit, then do not send it as this will waste both your time and the journalists. 

4. Send a gift or look book.

If you know for certain who is compiling the Christmas Gift Guide and have managed to gain access to their address, gifting is an option that could help your brand to stand out. This is especially true if it is well packaged and wrapped. If gifting isn't an option you can make your brand stand out by mailing hard copies of your look book to them.

5. Follow Up.

It's useful to follow up with any press you have contacted as they will be able to tell you if your product was used, as well as what section it was in and the issue publishing date. Plus, after the date has been closed this will act as a reminder to the journalist of your product which may persuade them to use it.

The PDF is available to purchase from our instant resources shop