How to communicate with influencers and press

Media relations is a huge part of successful PR. Getting your brand featured in a magazine, on Instagram or a blog can be hugely beneficial for both sales and brand awareness. We got some top tips on how to communicate with press and influencers to make sure you’re pitch perfect.

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1. Make sure the influencer’s readers and followers are relevant.

Making sure the influencer you choose has the right following for your brand is really important. Think about the price point and aesthetic of your product and make sure it is in align with the influencer's personal style and audience. We can do the hard work for you and find 20 influencers tailored for your brand. 

2. Don’t abuse the power of the influencer.

Some influencers have a bigger audience than magazines, so your product needs to be relevant and you need to be fair on what you’re prepared to offer. For example don’t ask an influencer to review jewellery when their blog is dedicated to shoes.

3. Be clear about what you’re asking for.

Make sure you're clear about what you’re prepared to give and what you’re expecting in return. Do you want your brand to be featured in an Instagram post or on their blog? Do you have any other specific requirements? Is there a time frame?

4. Don’t pester.

Like editors, influencers are very busy and, for many, being an influencer is a full-time job so they require some type of compensation. It’s important to be as friendly and as reasonable as possible. Not only does this increase the potential of future collaborations but it also improves your reputation as a brand.

How To Communicate With Press


1. Match your target audience to the magazine’s readership.

It’s important to research your publications thoroughly and make sure your products are relevant to the publication and their regular stories. You should know the magazine inside-out so that when you do pitch, you know the exact section or feature you want to be in. Want to save some time? Why not consider our 20 Publications Tailored For Your Brand list?

2. Provide all necessary information.

Editors are extremely busy so make sure you include the most important and necessary information when pitching your brand and keep it short. Fashion-forward imagery, a strong look book and a well written press release is vital. 

3. Be prepared to send out samples or cut-outs if you get a response.

To avoid delays, you must make sure all of your products have both lifestyle and cut-out images to be featured in shopping galleries or features. If you don’t, you should probably start thinking about it, no cut-outs means you could lose out on coverage!

4. Organisation is key.

Keeping track of who you’ve contacted will help you to get an overview of who to follow up with. If the magazine doesn’t respond it may just not be the right time and they might keep your brand in mind for upcoming stories.

In need of some useful tips and guidelines? We offer a handy how-to guide of Achieving Press Coverage.