So when’s the best time to post on social media?

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In the midst of the Digital Age, using social media (and using it well) is invaluable in establishing brand identity and broadcasting your name to the masses. With just 140 characters to spare, getting your message across may seem like a mammoth task, but fret not – we’ve done a little research and summed up all you need to know to get your social media accounts suitably on fleek, which according to our extensive research* means very good indeed. (*ahem, Google)

Take a read of our tips below and become a social media maverick quicker than you can drool over the #RyanGosling hashtag.


Which days should I post? Facebook engagement is at its peak on Thursdays and Fridays, with users distracting themselves towards the end of the working week.

What time of day is best? Posts made at 1-3pm receive the highest amount of shares and click throughs. As a broader outline though, browsers engage most with posts made within the 9am - 7pm time slot.

Anything else? Facebook’s algorithm means that the more someone engages with your posts, the more likely you are to appear in their timeline next time around. Encouraging users to like and share your content ensures that they're less likely to miss out the next time you post.


Which days should I post? The most efficient way of using Twitter varies on your target demographic. Monday to Friday is the best time to engage with other businesses, with 14% more engagement on Wednesdays. Consumers, however, are much more active on weekends.

What time of day is best? As for timings, 5pm gets the highest amount of retweets, whereas 12pm and 6pm are best for getting those all-important click throughs.

Anything else? According to the people over at Twitter HQ, users are 181% more likely to be browsing their feeds during their commute, so 8-9am and 4-6pm are great times to divert that rush hour traffic straight to your social feed.


Which days should I post? It’s not all complicated; Instagram remains consistent throughout the week, with only a slight spike on Mondays.

What time of day is best? Same rules apply for timings – increase your chances by posting within peak browsing hours of 9am-7pm.

Anything else? A recent change in algorithm has meant that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for brands to be noticed on Instagram. Encouraging your followers to turn on notifications for your posts ensures that they won’t miss a thing.


Which days should I post? Pinners are most active towards the end of the week, with usage being at its peak on Friday and Saturday.

What time of day is best? Pinterest users are much more likely to be caught browsing from the sofa with a glass of wine in hand, hence the 8-11pm peak times. For fashion and retail posts however, peak time is at 3pm.

Anything else? Be sure to edit the description of your pins to include key words and phrases that your target audience may search for.

And a few top tips…

 1.    Keep your aesthetic consistent – In order to make your brand recognisable, it’s important to keep your content consistent. For example, if your Instagram feed is predominantly blue in colour then carry this theme over to Twitter, and so on. We're not saying that looks are everything, but first impressions count for a lot.

2.    Tone of voice is key – Similarly to the above, keeping your voice consistent will ensure that your feed looks that little bit more professional. Whether you want to be formal, colloquial or tongue-in-cheek, it’s important to establish a recognisable tone and stick with it.

3.    Use hashtags – This one’s really important. Using searchable hashtags means that brands and consumers alike can discover your brand at the click of a button. For example, if you’re a blogger looking to get your name out there, use the hashtag #fbloggers and sit back and watch your follower count grow.

4.    Engage, engage, engage – This one’s really important. OK, I know I just said that, but really – liking, commenting and retweeting posts is the best way to gain followers that may be interested in your feed.

5. Quality and quantity - In order to keep your followers engaged, they need to have something to engage with - posting several times a day naturally ensures that you're more prominent on your audience's feed. 

Happy posting!