Through Milo’s Eyes: A Day in the Life of an Office Dog

Hey! I’m Milo, but I guess you knew that already because if you know anything about LFA then you’ll know that I’m kiiind of a big deal around here (Company Chairman, to be exact). As I’m such an important part of Mum’s agency, I thought it was time to put paw to paper and give you an insight into what it’s like being one of the big dogs in business. All words are my own, but as punishment for not feeding me popcorn at lunchtime, I’ve made one of the girls type everything out on my behalf.

Today I got into the office at about 7am (seriously, Mum?) – sometimes I shake and shiver on the way to work just to emphasise how impawsibly early it is. I can feel a little ruff in the mornings, but luckily I have a bed in the office so that I can catch up on some beauty sleep. Not that I need it of course – just look how irresistible I am with this ponytail..

It wasn't long until my favourite part of the day came about: lunchtime. I go to Sainsbury's with the girls and most days I’m on my best behaviour because I’m holding out for the day that they share their sandwiches with me (I do ask *really* nicely). Today though, was not one of those days. OK, OK, I know what you're thinking but that dog was looking at me funny and he needed to know that there's only one canine King around here.

When afternoon hit it was all paws on deck as we had reports to write and editors to schmooze - LFA doesn't run itself you know! It can get a little hectic but it's a walk in the park (DID SOMEONE SAY WALK?) when you're an experienced Chairman like I am. I suppose the girls do a pretty good job too.. (after all, my paws aren't too good for replying to emails). The girls ended the day with a singalong to Taylor Swift and I went home to ponder the meaning of life and of course chase my new little brother (he may be small but he is taking over my bed and I am not ONE bit happy about it..). 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see a man about a dog...