5 Minutes with Fodder & Plonk

Circa 2012, blog creator Alana was feeling run-down and quite frankly tired of being tired - she decided it was time to take reign over her health et voila; Fodder + Plonk was born. Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, Alana proves that looking after your body doesn't have to be a chore. Insisting that balance is the key to a healthy body (and consequently, a healthy mind), Fodder + Plonk is packed out with a perfect mix of mouth-watering recipes, discussion posts and helpful how-tos, making your wellbeing journey that little bit easier.

1.     Your blog, Fodder and Plonk, features a variety of ways to live healthy.  What do you focus on most for a healthy life: food, exercise, or lifestyle?
I don’t really champion one over the other, they are all equally important.  I suppose what I do champion is listening to my body, and that applies to food, exercise and lifestyle.  My body tells me exactly what it needs; whether it’s Yoga or Crossfit, to go out or stay in and rest and when I need to eat more veg!  So in summary, I focus on listening to my body in order to live a healthy life.

2.     What’s the easiest change you can make to your life/diet to improve your day to day? 
I think the above applies here too.  If you can learn to tune in and read your body’s language, then you’ll be on a good path for the rest of your life.  That’s probably not the answer you were looking for though!  So I’d say to keep hydrated by drinking more water, infused waters and herbal teas.  When you’re properly hydrated, you have more energy, can think clearly and you tend to make better food choices.

3.     What’s the hardest healthy lifestyle choice to stick to? How do you stick to it?
I would say it’s keeping on top of my stress levels.  Like most other people, I have a tendency to pack my life full of things to do.  My body always lets me know when I’m reaching (or have passed) my threshold and I know then it’s time to stop and take time out.  I shouldn’t let it get to that point though… scheduling time to relax daily, be it through yoga, walking or ‘mindfulness’, is a work in progress for me!

4.     Any guilty pleasures?
None of my pleasures are guilty ones!  Apart from some of the awful but brilliant series’ I binge watch on Netflix… but I’m on the fence about whether I even feel guilty about that.

5.     What’s the easiest 'how-to' to learn on your blog?
I think it has to be my nut butter how-to. It’s the most simple thing to make.

6.     Where’s your favourite place to eat in London?
Difficult one. A great all rounder is C Press - I think there are a few of them about. They have lovely hearty salads and soups, juices, smoothies, hot drinks, (healthy) sweets, grab and go options, it's not pretentious, you never need to queue for long and they have nice staff…

7.     Favourite places to shop in London?
I’ve been to some lovely shops in Stoke Newington recently; there are a few fab independents.  I always see great things in Shoreditch and there’s a shop in Spitalfields that has some really wonderful pieces. In typical me fashion, I can’t remember the names but can probably tell you exactly where they are and what they sell!

8.     Describe yourself in three words
Deep thinker. Creative. Positive. That’s four, sorry.

9.     What’s your favourite fashion piece in your closet?
Ooh, that’s a tricky one. I tend to go through phases where I wear the same thing over and over and then not again for ages.  I suppose I’ve always been a shoes gal though and like to buy shoes that last.  In contrast to my teenage years, comfort is as important as style nowadays… so I think I’d choose my loafers.  I have a bright blue pair and they can tart up the most simple of outfits.  I can also traipse around London in them all day and still be comfortable.