How to structure a blog post

How to structure a blog post

Whether for your brand or for your professional page a blog is an excellent way to create shareable content and get your ideas and brand voice out to the world.

Well-structured blogs will keep readers and once you have a low bounce rate (from users staying on your page and reading the whole post), you’ll get a better SEO ranking which means you’re higher on search engines. Here's some useful tips to help you master the art of blogging!

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a headline.

A headline with key terms can boost your SEO. Sometimes it’s better to go with a straightforward headline than a creative one but having a creative and SEO friendly headline is gold.

Starting your headline with a number can be another trick to drive more readers to your post. Everyone loves a good list! 

2. Use Imagery

Not only will imagery help to give your more clicks (Tweets with photos or more likely to be clicked and retweeted!). Imagery adds another level of information without adding more words, and imagery can include photographs or infographics.


One photo before the second paragraph will help keep the reader engaged.

Photos should never be at the end of the posts

You can use more than one photo at a time.

3. Keep it simple

There are hundreds of types of content for blogs but most can be simplified into only a few categories: how to’s, lists, reviews, interviews, guest posts, updates. It’s important to use a variety of posts to keep your blog interesting. Whatever the topic you choose to write about make sure the content is short and sweet. There’s no room for fluff in blog posts.

There’s a reason lists are so popular: people want their information quick and easy. If you’re not writing the next great feature article for the NYTimes than the article shouldn’t be very wordy. 

4. Use call to actions throughout

Let your readers know what they should do throughout the article. “Read on” “Scroll through”, engage the reader by using simple call to actions. 

5. Engage

If a reader has made it all the way to the end of your post, they liked it! Take that momentum and get your post more attention by asking them to share or comment. And of course, if they do comment and share make sure to thank them!