How to land a PR internship

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Getting a job in the PR industry with no experience is very difficult. Internships are a great way of gaining the relevant knowledge and practical experience, whilst getting to know the industry before you make any long term commitments.

1.Apply for internships that aren't advertised.

PR is a competitive industry, so when applying for internships posted on job sites, it is very often the case that your application is one of hundreds, if not more, depending on the size of the company. So why not create your own opportunity? Find a company that you’d like to work for and send a speculative email expressing your interest in interning.

2. Research the company.

Research is so important and is central to getting an internship opportunity. Your research is not only valuable for your own knowledge, but also for your potential employer as it shows your basic research skills, your interest in their company and that you took the time and effort to find out about them. Note anything you find interesting and/or admirable and mention this in your application email.

3. Know who you’re addressing (more research).

This is vital. Try to make your application as personal as possible, particularly if you’re applying to a small firm. Social media makes this really easy! If it’s not obvious who to contact from the company’s website, try Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. Perfect your email

Written communication skills and attention to detail are important in PR. Use your application as an opportunity to showcase your writing ability. Try to incorporate your personality into your email without being too informal, this ensures you stand out and illustrates your creativity. Last but most definitely not least, check,  double check and then triple check for spelling mistakes!