The Editor you contacted didn’t reply. What to do now.

Editors are busy bees that can be hard to get hold of and there’s no secret recipe to grabbing an editor’s attention. Luckily we’ve got a handful of useful tips to help increase your chances getting your brand and product loved by the press!

Do your research

Before approaching a fashion editor it’s extremely important that you do your research and get to know the editor. Make sure you know what stories the editor is working on and what his/hers key areas are. Social media is a great way to keep track on what the editor is up to.

Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of a well written dedicated email sent out to a database of key editors; it enables you to reach out to a high number of people at the same time introducing or promoting certain products. Before crafting your email think about your message and what the aim is. Keep it simple and include a selection of good high quality images. Also, don’t forget to add fresh contacts to your database.

Connect on social media

In today’s fast paced and digital landscape social media is a brilliant way to connect with key editors, influencers and bloggers. By using strategic hashtags and tagging on your brand’s Instagram account along with personable conversations you can reach out to editors efficiently. Building a relationship takes time, but by engaging and showing a real interest for their work and lives you could be onto a winner.

 Rethink your branding

No response doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing anything wrong; often it is simply down to the fact that editors are overwhelmed by emails. However it is important to evaluate your branding or your collection ensuring it is suitable and fashion-forward enough for the publications your targeting. Does your website need a little makeover? How is your Instagram looking? Is your press release clear enough? Does your look book include captivating imagery?