The power of video content

Creating great video content might sound a little intimidating, but if you get it right it can be a powerful tool, providing the perfect complement to your marketing or social media strategy. Don’t be scared to approach a video production company – a pair of expert hands is always useful when creating high quality video content.  You can see our very first video produced by the talented and creative guys at Polarity Films below. They managed to capture our agency perfectly and in less than 2 minutes!

So, why video?

We’ve rounded up 6 reasons that (hopefully) will convince you to jump on the bandwagon!


1. Boost credibility

Videos are a captivating and exciting medium whether your goal is to promote, educate or entertain and done correctly, it will boost your credibility. It allows you to present a lot of information in a short amount of time and it’s a great way to connect and reach out to the younger, more tech-savvy crowd. Having a visually appealing video is important, but consumers crave valuable, relevant and engaging content too: don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box or being a little unconventional!

2. Emotions are contagious

Did you know that positive emotions drive social shares and are top of viral content, while sadness helps us connect and empathize? Awe, fear and elements of surprise are other powerful triggers. Emotions plays a huge part in how consumers operate and one of the best ways to tap into human emotions and create an emotional experience is through videos. The key is to make your audience feel something because content that creates an emotional response get shared twice as much as content with little emotional value.

3. SEO friendly

Getting a first-page Google search result is hard, but Google’s enthusiasm for videos (YouTube is owned by Google) makes them more likely to rank highly. If used correctly along with relevant keywords it can make a significant contribution to your SEO ranking and it can also keep website visitors stay for longer. Don’t forget to share on Facebook too: videos have a higher organic reach than other posts. Winning strategy right there!

4. Highly shareable

Video content is more shared than any other type of content, increasing your chances to claim a place in the social media spotlight and stand out from your competitors with a well-produced video, being shared across social channels. Length matters for videos so keep it short and sweet ensuring your audience stay hooked. Grab their attention with an eye-catching intro or title, and remember to add a call to action, prompting your viewer to actually do something.

5. Storytelling

Communicating a story is done effectively with video, adding personality to your brand, encouraging conversation and appealing to many consumers’ visual nature. It is a great way of telling the story of your company as a whole, interview guests or take viewers behind the scenes. Think about the audience you want to reach, determine a destination at the beginning and making sure your video align with your brand.

6. Humanizing your brand

Free micro-video content platforms such as Instagram videos, Vines and Snapchat, prove that video doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming option! Giving a glimpse into your daily work life enables you to put a human face on your company, while simultaneously being a source of entertainment and engaging with your audience.