One of Our Own: Lowie

5 questions with our very own Lowie

Lowie is a heritage inspired fashion label with a dedication to producing collections as ethically as possible. Founded by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal in 2002, Lowie’s philosophy has always been to create beautifully designed clothes with minimal environmental impact and an insistence that their workers are happy and fairly paid. In an industry that often profits from exploitation, Lowie aims to be different.

LFA meets with founder Bronwyn to ask our top five questions.

1. How long have you been going?

14 years!! I started after going on a holiday to Turkey where I brought back some hand-knitted socks that my friends absolutely loved. When a new position wasn’t inspiring me, I quit my job and was on a plane to Turkey the following week to find some knitters to make my own collection inspired by traditional knitwear.

2. One thing you wish you’d been told?

Do more planning and think BIG. When I started I had no idea where the business would take me; I just jumped and hoped for the best. Since I now have an MBA (and 14 years of experience), I appreciate that good planning makes for a smoothly run ship and also facilitates bigger growth.

3. What’s your biggest achievement whilst running your brand?

Doing an Executive MBA at the same time. Doing a Masters on its own is hard enough but trying to run a business at the same time is absolutely exhausting. I think it took me about 8 months to get over it and digest the information I learned. I’m very glad I did it and really enjoyed the challenge.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Managing cashflow in the hard times is always difficult for any business but particularly those first three years when it seems like there is no end to cashflow problems. When the business does find its feet it feels like such an achievement.

5. In the next year you want to…

Open another shop and double profits. My Lowie shop is going from strength to strength and we have a very loyal customer base. I have great staff too so it seems like the ideal time to open a new store in another area – watch this space!