One of Our Own : Hammam Havlu

5 questions with our very own Hammam Havlu

HAMMAM HAVLU is a Hammam towel brand from Hertfordshire with strong Turkish roots. They are the UK'S first dedicated ethical hammam towel brand. Evolved from the traditional Turkish bath towels, each of the ethical hammam towels are woven and hand finished by a family run business in Denizli, Turkey. Lightweight and versatile, they are a fantastic solution for travel, home and spa. 

LFA meets with founder Penny to ask our top 5 questions. 


1. How long have you been going?

I started the concept for the brand in July 2015 but we didn’t launch and go live with our product and website until 1st April 2016


2. One thing you wish you’d been told?

Just how important it is to have a great team of people working with you – I have been lucky to have met some amazing and talented people who have taken the brand to another level.


3. What’s your biggest achievement whilst running your brand?

Working with LFA and seeing our product being talked about by some great publications and influencers.


4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

I hit a real low point about three months before we launched – I started to doubt the product and whether people would like it and everything task seemed like an uphill struggle.   The people around me working on the brand kept me motivated and on track to launch.


5. In the next year you want to…

Continue to grow the brand and make enough money so that I can give up my full time job to focus on Hammam Havlu.

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