Shortening your brand name; punchy titles for success! LFA!

From the London Fashion Agency to LFA, we take a look at the benefits of shortening your brand's name, and why you too should consider cutting the characters.



Think about brands such as KFC, DVF, DKNY. We know they stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Diane Von Furstenberg and Donna Karen New York, but they’ve been promoted in a way that their abbreviated titles are more recognisable to us. Shortening brand names is similar to calling someone by a nickname; creating a sense of familiarity between the customer and the brand.

Make It Snappy

Sometimes a brand's name is simply too much of a mouthful. Take Coca Cola; the name itself isn’t particularly long or difficult to say, but shortening it to 'Coke' is much more punchy and rolls off the tongue more easily. In the same way, LFA is easier to search for and use in conversation than The London Fashion Agency, 

Logo ready

When it comes to designing the perfect logo for your brand, shorter titles and abbreviations tend to look more effective than long winded names. Picture the H&M logo as Hennes & Mauritz in the same style, would it have the same effect? Shortening your brand’s name into two or three characters can work wonders when creating an eye catching logo, drawing attention to the typography and design without being distracted by an abundance of characters or words!

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