5 Top Tips: How to increase PR for your brand.

Have you been contacting editors and magazines for a while now with no luck? It can take time and requires patience, but here are LFA's top 5 tips to increase your PR chances. 

1. ARE YOUR IMAGES HIGH RES? It sounds obvious, but you can’t expect editors to include your products if the pictures are pixelated or unprofessional. 

2. WHAT IMAGES DO YOU NEED? Lifestyle and cut-out images. Lifestyle shots are styled on a coloured background, environment or on a model. Apart from looking beautiful, these images help to build a brand story and allow editors to quickly grasp your brand. Cut-out images have a different purpose. These are crucial to get right as they are often requested by magazines. Ensure that images have a completely white background.  Grey, off-white backgrounds and shadows are not good. 

3. APPROACH THE RIGHT PERSON The question to ask yourself… Does my target market read this publication? If the answer is no then you are wasting your time. Editors will only consider brands that fit with their publication, whether that be in terms of design, price point or ethos. Do your research and find publications that fit with your brand image.

If you think the magazine and your brand are a good match then take time to explore exactly which section or story your product could fit into. If you are unsure about magazine stories or contacts, our PDF guides can help with this. 

4. GET NOTICED Take time to research what the editor likes. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Compliment a story they have compiled previously... Doing these things shows the editor you have a good understanding of your brand and their publication. Don't be afraid to get creative. Packing your look books in a slightly different way or sending them a little personalised gift helps to get your brand noticed, 

Approaching an editor in July about their SS collection is too late. Sending them something relevant at the right time of year will really increase your chances of being included. Think ahead to what they might be working on next season, e.g. their November issue (for Christmas) will contain a Christmas gift guide, party dress story, knitwear story and sparkly jewellery. 

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