The NEW Social Media

LFA agency director, Rosie, gives her thoughts on Instagram, Snapchat and everything in-between.

If you ever need me at 7am, I can guarantee I will be in bed scrolling through Instagram with a cup of tea.

Believe it or not, I’m working. Between having a sneak peak to see how my best friend is getting on in New York and discovering that Betty Magazine had a BBQ with a really cute Corgi, I’m marketing LFA to the masses.

So I have interrupted your newsfeed, to let you in on a few of my top tips on how you can use 'NEW' and clever social media to generate interest in your business.


We’re kicking off with Twitter. Launched in 2006, it is really pretty old in comparison to other apps.  However, the way we use it has changed. So here’s what you need to know…

    Use the ‘#Discover’ feed to find trending topics. Get involved with industry discussions and followers to raise your profile.  Retweet popular tweets, favourite tweets reply to them. Stay relevant to what your followers are interested in. 
    A quick 5 minutes on Google and you can easily find ‘trending hash tags for fashion’. Use around 3-5 hashtags.
    AVOID: #followme - It looks desperate and unattractive to genuine followers.
  3. STAY IN TOUCH with fans and potential customers to improve your customer service, overall ratings and brand image.
  4. TAG people you’re featuring in your tweets. It gives your tweet more exposure to potential followers. 


Pretty pictures. filters and hashtags. Simple, right? No, there is slightly more you need to consider. 

  1. NON NEGOTIABLE: High quality camera or iPhone, there’s nothing worse than a pixilated image!
  2. HASHTAG Same rules as twitter - use 3-10 and keep them relevant.
  3. MAKE USE OF FILTERS Using the same filter across your profile helps to give you a consistent brand image.
  4. COMMENT AND LIKE your followers' images and people following Instagrammers with similar interests. Get yourself noticed!
  5. PERSONAL TOUCH Give your followers a sneak peak into what your business is doing, they’re more likely to feel involved and interested.


These sneak peaks sound intriguing, right?? Snapchat enables you to take full advantage of this concept.

  1. Simply take a snap of collection previews, exclusive promo code, or the cute office dog. Anything relevant to your business.
  2. Edit it with text, or maybe the paint brush tool, and post it to your story.
  3. Once merged together, you could create a story board of a day in the life of your brand or even a Q&A session.

Basically the key to social media is to be creative, keep it relevant and interact with your followers.

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