Special Merit Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Winner!

Shortlisted as 1 of 11 for the Great British Fashion Entrepreneur of the year was incredible enough, never did I think I would walk away with any award. 

When I blew my birthday candles out in September, I wished that LFA would get recognised as an agency that is making a change and helping small brands. It felt like this happened when I won Special Merit Fashion Entrepreneur of the year. After a few happy tears and too many glasses of champagne I thanked all my clients, family and friends for all their support on Instagram

On the award criteria it says "These entrepreneurs will have excelled and have outstanding examples of excellence and success in their individual enterprise." I feel over the past year not only have we excelled but our client's have too!

Here is to another year of excelling.... No rest for the wicked!!

Rosie x 

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