5 reasons your brand needs email marketing

Along with social media, mobile marketing and blogging, one of the most important tools a brand can use is email marketing! We’ve compiled together five reasons email marketing is a must for any brand looking to improve their business; you can thank us later. 

It’s targeted

Unlike other forms of marketing, email marketing is unique in the way it allows you to target a specific consumer based on demographics, location or attributes that might attract them to your brand; making sure your audience receives tailored content that’s relevant to their style/needs. It’s also easy to customise messages for different customers, adding a more personal touch.

It’s shareable

Through one click of the forward button, people can easily share your emails with friends, attracting new customers to your brand and spreading the word on current deals and news. By doing this, your subscribers also become your own personal brand ambassadors, introducing your business to new markets.

It’s easy to measure

With email marketing, it’s easy to see what you’re doing right and where you’ve gone wrong with the content you’re promoting. Email marketing platforms can provide information on the number of people that opened your email, how many people followed the link in your email and how many people chose to mark your email as spam, or unsubscribe. This gives an insight into whether people are responding well to the content you’re sending out, and whether theres any aspects you need to change to draw your audience in! 

It increases brand awareness

Every time one of your customers opens an email, they’ll be reminded of your brand, which is why targeted content and good design is crucial to ensure you’re memorable and become the go-to brand whenever your customer needs products or services. 

It’s low in cost

Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing requires no print or postage costs or advertising fees, making it the most affordable method to build relationships with a wider audience and benefit your business.

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