5 tips to improve your brand story

If you want to build a successful business, you should have already heard of one vital aspect of marketing your brand; your brand story. This story doesn't end with a princess getting rescued from a castle, although it could ensure your brand lives happily ever after! A brand story is essentially how your products and services are perceived, building brand loyalty and making your audience feel connected to your brand. Since we're all about helping brands grow, we compiled some essential tips on how to improve your storytelling style! 


Establish your eye catching name and tagline

First things first. One of the most important things about branding your business is that you have a unique, attention grabbing name and tagline. These things provide the first insight into what your brand is all about, so you'll want to leave a positive lasting impression!

Show personality

In order for people to connect with your brand, you need to show personality, and your brand should have an element of 'realness'. People trust other people, so adding a friendly element to your brand story will build trust and allow your audience to feel connected more easily. 

Establish brand values and ethos                                                  

People are more likely to notice your brand if you build a set of values; what your brand stands for and its purpose. Think Lowie's dedication to ethical fashion, or Innocent Smoothies and their quest to become a fully sustainable business. This attracts a like-minded audience and shows customers why your brand is right for them. 


Create strong design

Good design is crucial for branding, but you should also ensure it is consistent and keeps in line with the feel of the company. Your graphic design such as logos and typography should be something that's instantly recognisable as your brand, and gets you noticed!

Tell your story through social media

A strong social media presence does wonders for a business. It builds your reputation and provides valuable and sharable content, but you need to make sure even your social media profiles support your brand story. This can be done by regularly posting visuals that fit the brands aesthetic and promote your content in a friendly way. 

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