Great British Entrepreneur Awards - Shortlisted!

For the past month, we’ve been super excited in the LFA HQ, over a certain someone being shortlisted for the Great British Entrepreneur awards!

Rosie has been nominated for the Fashion Entrepreneur category and we couldn’t be happier for her!


The GBEAs is all about setting a standard for business practice and innovation within the private industry. The shortlisted individuals have shown intuition, originality and determination in an ever-competitive recovering economy. The winner will be judged by a board of industry professionals and awarded on the 25th November at a Black tie event at The Ballroom, in Southbank.

Just from speaking to Rosie about her career and business goals, over an after work beverage, you can see her passion for what she does and her self-belief. For us, a true entrepreneur will stick with their dreams through thick and thin and Rosie has done exactly that.

This is what Rosie had to say about it all and why she thinks she deserves to win - "What I love about LFA is that I have created a business that helps other businesses. I am passionate about the brands we work with and dedicate ever waking minute to their businesses and my own. People probably think I am completely insane as this isn't the path most people take but I would love to show my friends and family that I am not only doing something I am passionate about but I am also doing it well."

The shortlisted entrepreneurs are people from all different backgrounds that have managed to create something amazing. We are excited to attend the award ceremony; and regardless of who wins, British entrepreneurs should be celebrated for what they do best.