The Importance of PRing your PR

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So, you’ve done it! Your product has made it into the press and you’ve been featured in a magazine, newspaper or blog post.

Congratulations! This is a massive achievement for you and your brand.

Unfortunately PR doesn’t last forever, so it's important to maximise the impact of your press coverage as much as possible. We've listed a few tips on what you should do after you have received media coverage..



First and most importantly, shout about it on social media! When you share your coverage on your social media pages, don’t forget to credit (and/or tag) the writer, the publication or influencer and if it is digital coverage, add the link.

And as with all social media posts, don’t forget to hashtag.


Check and interact on the original publisher’s post. If the feature is published on social media (i.e. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), make sure that you like, comment, share and retweet the post. This is beneficial as it will make the publisher aware that you appreciate their promotion, and can help you to further your reach.


Reach out to pre-existing contacts by adding it as an article in your next newsletter and/or sending it out to your mailing list.



Don’t forget to thank the journalist/blogger. Sending the writer a thank you message could be effective in terms of building and solidifying a relationship with them. This could also act as an opportunity to check if they would be willing to cover different products of yours in the future.


Connect with the publisher, publication, writer or blogger. If you don’t already, follow them on social media. Don’t forget to compile a press list, adding the journalist and publication for future reference.



Bring more credibility to your brand by adding an “as-seen-in” badge and/or logo of the publication your product was featured in onto your website. Or better yet, if you have been featured more than once and by more than one source, ­add a press section or page to your website, listing all the publications in which you have been featured in.


Don’t be afraid to take advantage of and use any glowing quotes from the article - they can be as effective as testimonials.


Update your social media pages, listing all the places that you have been mentioned.



As mentioned, your press coverage will inevitably disappear. So, grab a copy of the feature as soon as you can, allowing you to have access to it in the future. If the coverage happens to be of an online/digital form, you can screenshot it and save/bookmark the online link. You should organise and archive your press coverage – this may require you to scan paper press coverage so that it can be digitally accessible. Having this will be useful when compiling media press and booking kits.

LFA Behind The Scenes - Meet Yemi

LFA Behind the Scenes - Meet Yemi

1. What do you put on your toast? 

Hmm.. I’m not much of a toast eater. But it would have to be a seeded bread base with avocado, tomatoes, crumbled feta and a pinch of salt. Oh! And don’t forget the poached egg.

2. What’s your feel-good song?

I’m a massive Motown/ Soul/ Funk/ Jazz fan. Anything Stevie Wonder or Whitney Houston will please me. But my all-time favourite would have to be September by Earth, Wind and Fire.

3. Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

  • Stylish (Excluding my off days – which are most days, when a baggy tee, some skinnies and converse will do)
  • Spontaneous
  • Sassitude

4. What are you most proud of?

I suppose I should say graduating from university. But in all honesty, I’m just proud that I’ve made it this far in life. The streets of Surrey can be rough, grannies on mobility scooters can mow you down at any time - Thank God for the neighbourhood watch.

5. You can only watch one film for the rest of your life?

If it didn’t leave me in a pool of my own tears (and trust me I’m not a pretty crier), Graveyard of Fireflies.

6. What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

My Kenwood smoothie blender – I'm not much of a smoothie fan, but it is my right-hand man in making some wicked cocktails.

7. Something you want to achieve in the next year?

I have a two-year plan. By late 2018/early 2019, I want to be at Heathrow or Gatwick airport (Stansted or Luton at a push) about to board a plane to start my 2 years+ long travelling and teaching adventure. So, I guess by this time next year, I would like to have saved at least 50% of my travelling budget goal (or have won the lottery).  

8. What’s your favourite smell?

Petrol! Lady-like, I know, but there is just something about it.

9. What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

That one day you will learn that you will learn to love to be alone and independent. It’s how you learn the most about your true self. Always having the approval of others isn’t necessary, catty cliques are cliché. Being true to yourself is the only way that you will prosper.

10. What are you having for dinner tonight? 

I don’t even know what I am going to have for lunch. All I can say is that a strawberry daiquiri is most likely on the cards!

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5 Things Coming Up This Month - August

5 things coming up this month in the LFA calendar that we think you should know about. 


19th August, Seven Dials 

19th August, Seven Dials 

The one day music and entertainment festival returns to Seven Dials where our very own Beija London's shop is located. Seven Dials will be transformed into a hub of entertainment for the day, with musical performances, food stalls and discounts in many shops within the area. More information here


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.27.20.png

The first week of August is the last chance to upload your #Toolallyontour photos to Instagram - selfie sticks at the ready!


12th August, Brockwell Park

12th August, Brockwell Park

With DJ's such as Ben UFO and HAAi, Brockwell Park's annual Sunfall Festival on the 12th August is a must see for any electronic or dance music fans. 

Tickets available here


26th-28th August, W10

26th-28th August, W10

Notting Hill Carnival needs no introduction nor explanation - it'll be a spectacular event of parades and partying this August Bank Holiday. 


4th-28th August, Edinburgh.

4th-28th August, Edinburgh.

4th August marks the start of the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world - with all the city's bars and nightclubs subject to an extended 5am license, be prepared for a month of pints, comedy, theatre, pints.. 

More information here

5 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Internship

In today’s uber-competitive job market, scoring a full-time role with next to no experience can be near impossible. As a student or recent graduate, internships are a crucial way of building up your experience and practical industry knowledge. It also gives you a chance of testing the waters of the working world and gives you a taste of what working in that industry may be like. And you never know, a few months of interning could translate into a full-time role within the company.


Cover letters are a must and they are the perfect way to display to a company how much you would like to work for them. Sending off 100’s of impersonal generic covering letters will not make yours a stand out application that HR personals and companies love.  Take some time to learn a little about the company that you're applying for, what their ethos is and any similarities that you may share with the company. Including these similarities and personal touches within your covering letter will give you that extra edge.

In addition, don’t be afraid to go beyond the typical printed or digital document/PDF. Lukas Yla even posed as a donut delivery man to get inside marketing agencies to try and land a job. Remember to think outside the box, or in Lukas’ case, what could be inside the box.

Tip Two: Speculative, Speculative, Speculative

Just because there is no current job opening at a company that you desire to work for, doesn’t mean that they are not open to taking someone on board. Send off a speculative application and get your foot in the door. Even if you get a response and they don’t have the capacity to take anybody on board now, keep the conversation alive. This will ensure that they remember you when they are hiring and can only increase your chances of them wanting to meet you.

Tip Three: Small is sometimes much bigger than you believe

Don’t ignore the little man. Many small businesses/companies are willing to take interns on, and even though this may require you to click on the second page of your google search of “London PR Companies”, it is worth the click. Many people also believe that they get a more in-depth, thrown in the deep end and experience when working for smaller companies, as there is a more “we’re all in this together” vibe (shout out to the trusted Disney High School musical quote).

Tip Four: Ask questions & Ask for help

Asking for questions, help and advice is the best thing you can do if you’re unsure about something. Many hours have probably been lost to work conducted under misunderstood instructions, and it’s somewhat painful to see it all go down the drain (or dragged to the digital trash bin) because you carried out your task on a whim. People are always willing to help and are (most of the time) less intimidating than you may believe - make use of your colleagues and their knowledge and know how. 

Tip Five: Be Yourself

Yes! Be yourself. Your social, positive, enthusiastic, daring self. Venture into the unknown, and don’t always stay in your comfort zone. There will be tasks that you may not originally understand or have never done before, but this is all part of the learning process, and can only widen your knowledge and skills. Certain tasks and pieces of work may not be as interesting as others, but power through them, as positivity is an excellent attribute and attitude that can both impress and motivate others. Lastly stay social. Interact with your colleagues, lunch with them, attend work socials and events. Socialising and forming friendships with your co-workers will only positively improve your work life.

5 Instagram Accounts To Stalk - Lifestyle

We spend more time on Instagram than we're willing to admit to (it's research, ok?) so we thought instead of keeping it all to ourselves we'd share some of the procrastination with you (you're welcome). So without further ado, here's 5 lifestyle brands you should be Insta-stalking this week:


If you like: Style inspiration, homeware & holiday envy all in one place


If you like: Plants, plant pots, pictures of things that look like plants..


If you like: Beautiful candles & all things pink


If you like: Optimum comfort, smashing the patriarchy


If you like: Bright colours & impeccable organisation

LFA Behind The Scenes - Meet Nick


LFA Behind the Scenes - Meet Nick

1. What do you put on your toast?

Can I change the question to what do you put in between your toast? Great thanks. Bacon.

2. What’s your feel-good song?

Dance hall days. Wang Chung’s one hit 80’s wonder. Best tune you've never heard of. Or at least that's what I keep telling people. 

3. Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

Handy. Thrillseeker. Ferrel. Not necessarily in that order

4. What are you most proud of?

Weirdly my proudest moment was a big fat failure. In a team of 5 we rowed non-stop in 2 hour shifts from Barcelona into the med towards Sardinia in a raceagainst 3 other boats. We were about 150 miles from land and in the lead by long way when a massive storm kicked up, with towering waves capsizing us for 36 hours. One heli rescue later, I was onshore aware of how incredibly we came together as a team, not only to pull so far ahead in the race but also survive what was a pretty hairy situation.

5. You can only watch one film for the rest of your life?

Tried to think of a more refined answer but no luck. Topgun. Fighter jets. 80s music. Homoerotic volleyball scenes. It has everything.

6. What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

Easiest one here. My fiancee.

 7. Something you want to achieve in the next year?

Compete in the adventurists Ngwala cup. Crazy Sailing race in Tanzania

8. What’s your favourite smell?

New wetsuit 

9. What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

The same thing I am always telling my 19 year old sister. You can do anything you want for a living,get passionate about something and pursue it until you are the best at it. 

10. What are you having for dinner tonight? Healthy night.  Homemade ceviche

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The Holiday Packing Guide

Summer is officially here and it's time to pack up your bags and head to the nearest beach. With everything from must-have accessories to swimwear, we've compiled a list of summer essentials to help with your holiday packing.







5 Things Coming Up This Month - July

5 things coming up this month in the LFA calendar that we think you should know about.



5th & 6th July, Bath Place EC2A

5th & 6th July, Bath Place EC2A

Our very own Hanky Panky are hosting a swimwear and lingerie sample sale in East London for those with an eye for all things pretty and lacy - more information here.


12th & 13th July, Victoria House WC1

12th & 13th July, Victoria House WC1

Christmas in July may sound ridiculous, but the summer months are a key time for brands as press begin to compile their Christmas gift guides. The Christmas in July festival allows brands to show off all their best products to all the right people.

Find out more here. 



14th & 15th July, Victoria Park E3

14th & 15th July, Victoria Park E3

This annual two day festival returns with the best line up yet. Frank Ocean (pictured), Sampha & Solange are the highest on our must see list.


14th July, Canada Square E14

14th July, Canada Square E14

Rosie will be speaking on a 'Support for your fashion business' panel alongside Michelle de Conto of the British Fashion Council, Patrick Dudley-Williams of Reef Knots and Adam Mansell of UKFT.

Tickets available here.


31st July, Dean Street W1D

31st July, Dean Street W1D

One of team LFA's favourite writers is talking about the balance of work, play and rest in a panel discussion at London's exclusive Groucho club. Dolly is hilarious, so it's not to be missed.

Tickets available here.

Wednesday Wishlist - June

The British sunshine may have been short-lived, but we're still longing for warmer climes. We've rounded up some essentials from independent brands that will see us through summer, if we ever get it back that is..







Lowie Shorts, £89

Must See Acts at Glastonbury 2017


Take a listen: Cranes In The Sky

Take a listen: Cranes In The Sky

We've got one or two Solange super fans in the office, a stance only accentuated by her 2016 album A Seat At The Table. With an alternative R&B sound, Don't Touch My Hair and Cranes In The Sky are real album standouts. 


Having started as a college project, BADBADNOTGOOD have gone from strength to strength, with a new Late Night Tales album due to drop in July. You can track their back catalogue on their YouTube channel - their Future Islands reinterpretation is arguably even better than the original.


Take a listen: Dangerous

Take a listen: Dangerous

The XX dropped long awaited album I See You earlier this year and a sell out tour soon followed. Dangerous, the album's first track, makes the perfect backdrop for a sunny day.


Take a listen: A New Error

Take a listen: A New Error

There's a reason that Resident Advisor named Moderat as their #6 live act of 2016. The Berlin based trio put on quite a show, and have been all over this year's festival circuit.

Top 5 South London Breweries

There are few things more satisfying than a cold beer on a hot day, so to celebrate the London sunshine we've rounded up our top 5 South London Breweries for you to enjoy this summer! 


Brixton Brewery is an established, independent craft brewery, making beer in the heart of our very own Brixton, one of London’s most colourful and famous neighbourhoods. 



Beer is a simple pleasure and while the sun is still shining why not head down to Canopy Beer Co. The Herne Hill brewery is here to serve good beer, done well to the locals of South London. 



Welcome to the place where you can see the kit in which your beer was built. Brick Brewery showcases the diversity of beers from around the world which have been inspired from previous travels.


We use natural, quality ingredients and an uncompromising approach to the best brewing process.

Gipsy Hill Brewing Company make no nonsense, full flavoured, medium strength beer, using natural, quality ingredients and an uncompromising approach to the best brewing process.

FOURPURE BREwing co. - SE16

Family owned and run, Fourpure Brewery crafts beer inspired by the passions of traveling. Constantly innovative, the brothers behind the brewery are nimble and progressive yet strive to stay true to the principles of brewing.

LFA Behind The Scenes - Meet Tasha

LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Tasha

What do you put on your toast?
Honey, I have honey on pretty much anything (as salad dressing, on porridge, on bacon..)

What’s your feel-good song?
Last week, Despacito. As of yesterday, On Melancholy Hill (Shannon played it in the office all day). My music library changes quite drastically & very quickly.  

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:
- Entrepreneurial
- Ambitious
- Quietly Confident

What are you most proud of?
My relationships with my family & closest friends.

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?
Guardians of the Galaxy. I love Marvel (unexpected, I know) & I love to laugh... and Chris Pratt. Enough said.  

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?
Whole Foods Peanut Butter with Pink Ladies Apples. 

Something you want to achieve in the next year?
I have had a busy year settling in London & finding my feet. Next year I want to significantly increase PR Dispatch's subscribers, write my business plan and run a half marathon.  

What’s your favourite smell?
I always work with a candle on my desk at home. At the moment its Jo Malone's velvet rose and oud. An amazing woman and amazing fragrances. 

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?
You aren't normal & you will never quite fit in at school. But normal is boring. 
You will find happiness, just stay true to yourself and hold on to your ambitions. 

What are you having for dinner tonight?
Umm... Toasted Sweet Potato with Ricotta Cheese topped with chives :) 

Follow me on: @natashahousley

Independent life: Peckham


An artsy bar on the 10th floor of a multi-storey car park, Frank's opens in the summertime for rooftop cocktails and delicious food. Our favourites are the Brown Sugar Hot Wings and a Campari Spritz.

Copeland Park & Bussey Building

Copeland Park is a collection of industrial buildings used to unite the creatives among us. Home to studios for independent artists such as painters, writers and graphic designers, Copeland Park hosts some of the city's most artistic events. Top tip: Head to Rye Wax for great food and even better music.

Brick Brewery

Inspired by the team's travels, The Brick Brewery was formed in 2013, and the beers are created to be varied and showcase the diversity of beers from around the world. The Tap Room, in the brewery yard, gives you the chance to experience exclusive beers in the very place they're made.

BellendeN Road

The green fingered amongst you should head to Thimble Floral

The green fingered amongst you should head to Thimble Floral

This part of Peckham has transformed into a collection of boutique shopping spots and cool eateries. Check out Anderson & Co, a hidden gem offering beautiful coffee and, of course, avocado on toast. 

Travel to New York with Go Global and Enterprise Nation


Are you a brand keen to explore the US market but are at a loss of where to start? Our friends at Enterprise Nation are running a four-day, three-night trip to †he Big Apple from 14th -18th July for just 25 fashion, beauty and accessories brands. The trip will introduce you to industry contacts, showing you how to market your brand in the US in all the right ways. 

The programme includes visits to the Fashion on the Hudson fashion show, an evening event on how to do a successful pop-up, exclusive tours around fashion & beauty stores in Manhattan, meetings with tax, trade and finance experts, plus a one day pop-up giving you an opportunity to test the market and make sales.

You'll meet key industry contacts and fellow fashion & beauty entrepreneurs on a mission that's been created to ensure you:

  • discover how to do business in the US
  • meet large, niche and online retailers
  • make sales and connections as part of a pop-up showcase
  • form collaborations with US partners and fellow mission go-ers

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why this trip might be right for your brand:

  • It's perfect for brands wishing to break into the US market but have no idea where to begin
  • It's a great opportunity to meet retailers, buyers and fellow entrepreneurs, allowing you to vastly expand your business network
  • The trip is considerably more cost effective than tackling all the individual elements separately

You can secure your spot and find out more information about the trip here. Price includes flights and accommodation for three nights. 

Pulse London: Our Top 10 Favourite Brands

This past few days we've been over at Pulse London where Rosie was talking on a panel about all things PR. While we were there we spotted some incredible brands and we wanted to share some of our favourites. Without further ado..


Based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Bohemia is a creative brand specialising in fashion and home accessories. Their unique designs and bold colours are too hard to resist - we especially love the mini market pom pom baskets, perfect for nailing the summer basket trend!


The lovely folks at Wedgie are known for their quirky door stops that are hand-crafted in Sri Lanka. Team Wedgie are part of a Fairtrade certified incentive scheme, committed to allowing members of rural communities to earn a fair income - plus, they look great. Wonder Wendy and Major Dave are real LFA favourites.


Our very own Miss Pom Pom is a graphic knitwear brand based in Brixton. This salmon scarf makes for the perfect cover-up in winter, although we'd be happy to wear it all year round. 


The Mix is an eyewear brand designing fashion-forward styles at an accessible price point. With their sunglasses boasting durability, comfort and style, they make for the ultimate holiday essential. Aren't these Yasmin sunnies lovely?


Geo Fleur is the perfect destination for the green fingered amongst us. They boast a collection of eclectic plants and beautiful pottery to accompany them - we're eyeing up the weird and wonderful Scindapsus plant for the LFA office.


Block Design create bold colourful homeware and office stationary to brighten up even the dullest of rooms - the Mountain Fold Clock has been placed firmly in our basket.


Newgate Watches are a watch brand designing styles that are a statement addition to any outfit. With a range of modern and traditional pieces, there's a little something for everyone. Like what you hear? Check out this timeless classic (pun very much intended).


Karenza & Co design beautiful stationery that is made from 100% recycled materials. With bold patterns and pretty prints, their designs make a perfect addition to any office desk. Case in point: this desktop magazine file.


Kate Sheridan is a leather goods and ready-to-wear brand based in Hackney. Their accessories strike the perfect practical/cool balance, and all are designed and hand-crafted in London's East End. Have a look at the black tab rucksack for a timeless wardrobe staple.


Scout Editions are a design and illustration-led paper and lifestyle brand inspired by folklore and storytelling. Every item is created by brother-sister duo Wai and Pui - the Hummingbird print is one of our favourites!

LFA Behind the Scenes - Meet Jade

LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Jade

What do you put on your toast?

Lots and lots of butter. Honestly, I'm more interested in the butter than the toast.

What’s your feel-good song?

I've got so many but I'm going to say Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears or Teardrops - Womack & Womack

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

Vivacious, ambitious and funny.

I also got "is ball-ache one word?"...

What are you most proud of?

Cycling 300km around France last September and only crying once(ish). 

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?

These questions are really hard... I'm going to say Her. OR Howls Moving Castle.

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

Command/Ctrl + Shift + T  reopens shut tabs.

Something you want to achieve in the next year?

Not sure specifically want but I would like to do something completely out of my comfort zone

What’s your favourite smell?

I love the smell of my cat, Bemo.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Don't try to be like everyone else and do all the things you want to do. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

I wish I knew, I'm supposed to be going out for dinner but I don't know if that's happening anymore. If not I'll probably just have a piece of cake #health

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5 Things Coming Up This Month - May

5 things coming up this month in the LFA calendar that we think you should know about.



14th - 16th May 2017, Olympia London

Pulse is the UK’s ultimate boutique trade event for inspiring new gifts, modern living and fashion accessories. On Sunday 14th May at 12pm our very own Rosie, alongside Katie Law and Kristabel Plummer, will be joining a panel discussion on the do’s and don’ts of dealing with the media.

Entry is free if you pre-register via the Pulse website.


National Norwegian Day

17th May 2017

Marching bands, parades, traditional costumes and ice cream... The celebration of the national day is more of a party for everyone. We're hoping that our resident Norwegian Cecilie will be providing us with sweet treats to commemorate the occasion. Fingers crossed..


Peckham Rye Music Festival

12th - 21st May 2017, Peckham Rye

Peckham Rye Music Festival is an independent celebration of Peckham’s music scene, bringing together local artists, labels, radio stations and record shops alongside headline acts from across the globe. This year's line up includes Alfa Mist, Seb Wildblood and Laura Misch.

Get your tickets here.



19th May 2017, 7pm, O2 Academy Brixton

The electronic music group, Metronomy, return to the stage performing their first live shows in nearly two years. These shows are in support of their fifth studio album, Summer 08.  


Herne Hill Free Film Festival

28th April - 29th May 2017

With over 30 free events across 20 amazing venues, the film festival aims to bring people together from across the community to enjoy a great movie and celebrate their local area. Why not go along to the screening of Moonlight Saturday 13th May at 9pm - make sure you take something to sit on and wrap up warm.

Tickets are free on a first come, first served basis.

LFA's favourite ethical brands

Here at LFA we're all about championing independent brands, and all the better when they're ethical in the process. Read on to discover some of our favourites..


Canadian bag makers Matt & Nat are best known for their beautiful vegan leather goods. We're particularly head over heels for the Hope bag - not only do we love the circular shape, but 100% of the purchase price goes to a charity of your choice. Win, win!



Olive clothing are a British contemporary clothing brand who combine heritage with modernity, simplicity with playfulness, and street style with understated elegance. We love this Open Shoulder Stripe Blouse. If you're a Cheltenham local, you should check out their beautiful flagship store.


Our very own Lowie is a London-based ethical brand with a dedication to producing ethical collections. This season we're all about summer florals, so naturally these Printed Culottes are at the top of our wishlist. 


MAiK believe in sustainably sourced, ethically produced products. They create fresh, clean geometric patterns which are at the core of all their products. If you love art deco then this Geo Leaf Tray Table is the one for you.



Desmond & Dempsey's beautiful designs are hand printed in London, taking inspiration from Sunday adventures and surroundings. We absolutely love the Deia Print Women's Nightie, perfect for those days spent lounging in bed.




LFA Behind the Scenes - Meet Kate

LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Kate

What do you put on your toast?
Usually just boring butter... However if i've got time (and if I remember to buy them) then it's gotta be Nutella and bananas!! 

What’s your feel-good song?
At the moment it has to be I Know There's Gonna be (Good Times) Jamie XX - Skepta Remix. But an all time favourite is Jenny from the Block or even We found Love by Rihanna!

Ask your best friends to describe you in 3 words:

"Intelligent, Kind and Funny" ...Promise I didn't force this out of them! 

What are you most proud of?
Getting voted the third most friendliest person in my school year- quite impressive!

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?
Such a hard question because I have so many favourites! It probably has to be 'Mean Girls'
(I've watched it so many times i know all the words... How sad!)

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?
Asos Premier Delivery! £10 for a year of next day delivery? How can I say no!

Something you want to achieve in the next year?
I would love to graduate University with a First BA (Hons) degree.. (high expectations I know!)

What’s your favourite smell?
I absolutely love Gucci Guilty Black! 

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?
Stop doing the duck pout, it's really not flattering!

What are you having for dinner tonight?
I'm going to my boyfriend's so he usually cooks.. I'm not trusted after I burnt his pizza one time.

Follow me on: @katebarrattx

One Of Our Own: Beija Flor Lingerie


Beija Flor Lingerie was founded by sisters Mazie Gardner and Abbie Miranda following their frustration with the lack of diverse sizing when lingerie shopping. Beija Flor's collection features modern classics with a minimum-fuss aesthetic, and the brand’s unique three-tiered sizing system proves that trends don’t have to be dictated by your cup size. We sat down with Mazie and Abbie to talk about the ins and outs of running Beija Flor..

1. How long have you been going?

M: Since 1989 - jokes, Abbie my sister and I launched Beija at the start of 2016. We’ve been live for just over a year.
A: Our website went live in January 2016 and we had 9 months of development prior to that. Our original plan was to launch in Sept 2016, but we thought 'what are we waiting for?' and just went for it. Shaving 7 months off the CP was hectic to say the least but we are glad we did it! 

2. One thing you wish you’d been told?

M: I wish I’d been told that cutting your hair does not NOT help it to grow - everyone else told me otherwise!
A: How to use Excel efficiently 

3. What’s your biggest achievement whilst running your brand?

M: When our customers keep coming back.
A: Our Waves range and the success of our pop up last summer. Seeing our vibe in bricks and mortar really sealed our identity. Also, managing to make it to Friday is an achievement for me! Looking at my diary on a Sunday night, the week ahead seems impossible and then you get to Friday and think 'How did that even happen? I did it, I damn well did the impossible. Pass me the wine.' 

4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

M: Intellectual property. Get it sorted early on. 
A: Buying enough of the right sizes. We didn't realise quite how many little bums there are out there! Size 6-8 is our most popular size in the briefs which we just weren't expecting.

5. In the next year you want to…

M: Have Beija in some key retailers and department stores all over the world.
A: Have our garments appear in more editorial magazine shoots and triple our daily online sales.

Follow us on: @beijaflorlingerie